About us

The Amanitas Fire Theatre was founded by Tereza Georgievová and Linda Mikolášková and the group has acted on the Czech new circus scene since 2010.

The performances of the Amanitas Fire Theatre are a fusion of fire show, physical theatre, live vocals, hanging and ground acrobatics, pantomime, manipulation with different objects and expressional dance combined with an amazing and interesting visual component. Our production is guided by post-apocalyptic estethics linked to a comix culture, mixed up with cyber punk and pop art trends. Major part of our performances is bodypainting, expressive make-up and masks created from unusual materials.

During its existence, the Amanitas Fire Theatre always tended to be inspired by topics and authors of Czech origin (KO.MIX.X1 inspired by Muriel & Angels and Muriel & Orange death (Kája Saudek, M. Macourek); and RUR (Karel Čapek). The main ambition is to refute the opinion that a fire show represents a variety show without any deeper concept which is usually performed by half-naked people spitting fire around. The source of inspiration is very wide, for example Czech tramp style, mycology experiments, nanotechnology, mass culture, Brazilian coffee and men with moustache.


Amanitas performers are professionals in their fields with mostly more than 10 years of experience. Let's take a look at their successes…

  • V.O.S.A Theatre together with make-up and bodypainting on EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China (Art Prometheus Production)
  • New Circus Festival LETNÍ LETNÁ – performance KO.MIX.X1
  • BOOM FESTIVAL, Portugal
  • Participating with music band Einleitungszeit in Japan (Tokio, Osaka)
  • Coreography and performing in rock operas OIDIPUS TYRANUS, ANTIGONA, BARDO
  • Fire performances in play HRY O MARII (Plays about Maria), PRODANÁ NEVĚSTA (The Bartered Bride) (National Theatre, Prague)
  • CIRK- UFF, The New Circus festival
  • NEXT WAVE Festival
  • Performing on K.WEST video clip
  • Different vernissages (Pod Čarou, Markéta Dlouhá-Márová,..)
  • FASHION SHOWS (United Islands, Nika77, Cyberbijoux, Codemode, Prague Free Fashion Weekend, Punktura, Tranquillo)
  • CANNAFEST 2010
  • Festivals, events, city celebrations, balls, privat parties, commercial shooting and photograps; and many others…